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Delicious and hearty breakfasts, lunches and dinners in restaurants Ruta Family Club Hotel

Choose your own menu for the rest

The team of culinary masters under the strict guidance of the chef will delight guests with a variety of dishes. European, Ukrainian, Georgian, Bulgarian cuisine, 3 meals a day, the Buffet system, a special menu for the youngest guests - all this we offer to our guests Ruta Family Club Hotel.
Swedish VIP and Standard menus on one day
Breakfast: casserole, scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, sausages, oatmeal porridge with butter, milk porridge, steam chicken cutlets, steamed vegetables, pancakes with cottage cheese, boiled egg.
Lunch: Chicken noodle soup, lentil soup, pork fricassee, chicken in sweet and sour sauce, fish (pollock) baked with vegetables, Carbonara pasta, farm potatoes, dumplings, vegetable ratatouille.
Dinner: Beef baked with vegetables, roast pork, pollock fillets with tomato and cheese, rice with vegetables, dietary chicken chochbili, potatoes baked with herbs, vegetable gratin.
Salad bar: fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce mix, white cabbage, blue, Peking, canned corn, light-salted cucumber, sauerkraut, pickled mushrooms, hard cheese, smoked sausage, boiled.
Sauces: ketchup, mustard, vegetable oil, sour cream, vinegar.

snail cakes, seasonal fruit clafuti, chocolate brownies.

coffee, tea, kefir, yogurt, compote, lemonade.
In the halls of restaurants there are waiters and administrators who will help you with the choice of dishes and clean the dishes. All dishes are signed, you can easily choose a menu for children and adults.
Enjoy the national cuisine of the Bessarabian region on the sea terrace of the Ruta restaurant or in the cozy hall of the Bessarabia restaurant.
First courses: okroshka with kefir, kvass, red borsch.

Hot dishes: chicken fillet with chickpeas and sauce Mudzhey, mititi baked with potatoes and sauerkraut
Salads: Shopsky with Bessarabian cheese, warm Tokan salad with bulgur and chicken

Grilled dishes: shish kebab, fish, pita, baked vegetables

Snacks: Bean and beet pate, gifts from Bessarabia (lard, vegetables, cheese), Danube herring with potatoes and pickled onions
Vertuta and piercing

Odessa special: mussels in tomato spicy sauce, mussels in creamy sauce with cheese Dorblu, creamy baked in cream sauce.

Desserts: Milina cottage cheese, Grandma Bessarabskaya